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1.5 Pink Jawzrsize ™ with Starter Pack


Jawzrsize Starter Pack

The new 1.5 Version Jawzrsize is for everyone! Even if you already use the original it is good to switch it up! New 33% smaller size works and targets the bottom half of the bite vs the top half of the bite.  Perfect for anyone... young ,old , women, guys, teens even Superheros! 🎯

We know we should work out our body to get a ripped, toned physique. So it only makes sense you can work out the muscles in your face and neck too! 

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Progressively strengthen & sculpt your jawline:

  • Level 1- Pink 1.5  = 20 lbs of resistance, Made for tightening your jawline.

    Jawzrsize with Starter Pack comes with:

    • 1 Jawzrsize

    • 1 Necklace

    • 2 Pairs of Bite Strips (4 Strips Total)

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    Jawzrsize have been featured on Ellen, The Doctors, the New York Post, Yahoo, Women.com, In The Know, attn:, Fox News and all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. And as a result, we have earned over 2000 verified Reviews from thousands of happy Jawzrsize customers.