Jawzrsize Pop N Go - 30lb Resistance

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Workouts getting easier and easier with the 20lb Jawzrsize? Then THIS is the Jawzrsize you need. A step up from the Custom Fit 20lb Jawzrsize, the Pop N Go provides a tougher workout so that you can continue making progress whether your goal is slimming, toning, tightening or strengthening your face, neck and jaw!

The Pop N Go is unique because there are NO boil-fit bite strips. Since the Pop N Go is boil-less, you can start using it the second you take it out of the package. The built in boil-less bite strips are easy to grip, and fit flush in your mouth thanks to the built in gum-guards.

Simply unbox, attach the lanyard, pop it in and start working the 57+ muscles in your face, neck and jaw!

***WAIT! There are even bigger savings when you bundle the 30lb AND 40lb Pop N Go. With this upgrade you will have ALL of the available Jawzrsize resistance levels, and you can hit your goals quicker!

Simply add a 30lb Pop N Go to your cart,  then a 40lb Pop N Go, and you will automatically get 30% off the 40lb Pop N GO - NO DISCOUNT CODE REQUIRED. ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!