Jawzrsize Pop N Go - 40lb Resistance

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The 40lb Resistance Pop N Go is for experienced users only! Double the resistance of the Custom Fit Starter Kit, the 40lb Pop N Go is the final Jawzrsize in our resistance progression.

By now, you should be noticing a big difference. Your cheeks will be slimmer, you should have less noticeable fat and skin under your chin, and your jaw muscles should be more defined.

Upgrading to the 40lb Pop N Go can help bring out the striations (muscle definition) in the jaw, reduce any remaining excess skin and fat under the chin and add serious strength to your bite!

The Pop N Go is unique because there are NO boil-fit bite strips. Since the Pop N Go is boil-less, you can start using it the second you take it out of the package. The built in boil-less bite strips are easy to grip, and fit flush in your mouth thanks to the built in gum-guards.

Simply unbox, attach the lanyard, pop it in and start working the 57+ muscles in your face, neck and jaw!