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We know we should work out our body to get a ripped, toned physique. So it only makes sense you can work out the muscles in your face and neck too! That’s why we created Jawzrsize – a patent-pending, progressive resistance exercise system designed to redefine your jawline.

  • 100% PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! …and we ONLY use food-grade, BPA-free, FDA compliant silicone!
  • Progressively strengthen & sculpt your jawline:
  • Level 1  Blue = 20 lbs resistance
  • Level 2  Pink = 30 lbs resistance
  • Level 3  Purple = 40 lbs resistance
  • Level 4  Green = 50 lbs resistance
  • 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! – We’re so confident you’ll be blown away by the results, that we’re giving you TWO FULL MONTHS to try Jawzrsize RISK FREE! If you don’t LOVE your new chiseled jawline, return it for a full refund!
  • From Humble To HOT! – What started as a modest Kickstarter project, has skyrocketed in popularity in just two years – BECAUSE IT WORKS!
  • Full Face & Neck Workout – Activates 57+ facial muscles for a thorough workout!
  • The Results Speak For Themselves – Customers report achieving a “slimmer face”, “reduced double chin”, “stronger neck” and “more defined jawline” based on thousands of raving reviews!
  • Easy To Use – Jawzrsize is ready to use in seconds and with just 20 minutes a day you can start seeing results FAST