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Product description:

Introducing The Hands Free Workout For Your Jaw, Face, and Neck!

Jawzrsize Works Over 57 Muscles through a repeated "biting" motion. Simply place it in your mouth and start repping (each bite is a rep).

If you are looking to slim, tone and tighten your face and neck, do a few "burnout sessions", where you rep until you simply can't anymore.

If you are looking to strengthen and build muscle in your jaw, switch it up and focus on "time under tension", where you bite down, hold, and slowly release your bite. A few reps goes a long way!

Each Level provides an increase in resistance to your bite, so you can keep making progress until you've reached your goal. Once you reach your goal, make sure to do a few maintenance sessions a week so that you don't lose your progress.

Wondering where to start?

We recommend starting at Level 1, and working your way up to Level 4. Here is a breakdown of all 4 Jawzrsize Levels:

Beginner Models - Level 1: Pop N Go (Blue or Pink)

Intermediate Models - Level 2: Pop N Go (Blue or Green)

Advanced Models - Level 3: Custom Fit (Blue or Pink) - Includes Boil to Fit Bite Strips

Elite Model - Level 4: Custom Fit (Dark Green) - Includes Boil to Fit Bite Strips

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