Beginner Pop 'N Go Bundle (Free Mini)

SPECIAL PROMO: Get a Mini Pop 'n Go for FREE when you purchase a bundle!

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Each bundle includes:

- Pop 'n Go (20lbs resistance)

- Mini Pop 'n Go (30lbs resistance)


Hands Free Workout For Your Jaw, Face, and Neck!

Jawzrsize Works Over 57 Muscles through a repeated "biting" motion. Simply place it in your mouth and start repping (each bite is a rep).

If you are looking to slim, tone and tighten your face and neck, do a few "burnout sessions", where you rep until you simply can't anymore.

If you are looking to strengthen and build muscle in your jaw, switch it up and focus on "time under tension", where you bite down, hold, and slowly release your bite. A few reps goes a long way!


💰 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: Try Jawzrsize today for 60 days, risk-free!

✅  Highest Quality: Jawzrsize units are made with FDA-Compliant, high-quality, durable food grade silicone!

🇺🇸  Patent Protected: Proudly made in the USA and patent protected!