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Total Transformation Kit

Total Transformation Kit

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The ONLY kit featuring EVERY Jawzrsize Resistance Level.

Get them all at once and SAVE $50!

Start with the Beginner Model, and progress to the Elite, following the Jawzrsize workout plan. Here's what you get:

  • Beginner Blue Pop N Go - $29.95
  • Intermediate Green Pop N Go - $34.95
  • Advanced Blue Custom Fit - $39.95
  • Elite Green Custom Fit - $44.95
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Lanyard



Aloha, I'm Brandon Harris

In 2014, I crashed my motorcycle in Hawaii which landed me in a coma for 13 days! At the time I was also recovering from having my my jaw wired shut for 4 months from a previous injury. I desperately needed a device to re-strengthen the muscles in my face and neck.

In 2016, I created Jawzrsize to rehabilitate my jaw. Not only did I recover 100% but my jaw is stronger than ever, more chiseled, with my double chin reduced, and confidence reinstilled. Now, I want to share Jawzrsize with the world.

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The Results Speak For Themselves

Brandon Harris CEO of Jawzrsize motorcycle accident, MMA, fixed jaw, broken jaw testimony, before and after photos

Brandon Harris, CEO

I like to always say I'm the perfect example of how well Jawzrsize works. It radically changed my life and my mission in life is to share these benefits with others.

Eric West before and after photos of the effect of Jawzrsize fitness for your face

Eric West

“This product flat out works! Facial exercise is the facelift of the future and Jawzrsize is only product of it’s kind”.

Malissa R. before and after photos of what Jawzrsize can do to fix your face and tighten your facial skin and tighten your neck skin

Malissa R.

"I gained so much confidence after using Jawzrsize. I lost weight because it helped my cravings and most importantly of them all... It HELPED GET RID OF MY DOUBLE CHIN! I'm so thankful because I look so much better in photos now."

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Jawzrsize Master Pack

Jawzrsize Master Pack

Regular price

Includes ALL 3 of our Resistance Levels!

1 x Beginner Level Jawzrsize (Aqua Pop N Go)

1 x Intermediate Level Jawzrsize (Green Pop N Go)

1 x Advanced Level Jawzrsize (Blue Custom Fit)

This is the best deal of the season, all 3 training levels for just $69.95!

All three Resistance Levels allow you to progress through your training at your own pace. Start with the Aqua Pop N Go, progress to the Green Pop N Go, and then work your way up to the Custom Fit, Blue Jawzrsize Advanced!

We have never offered All three training levels at this price before. Offer valid while supplies last!