Jawline Transformation in 30 Days

man hiking defined jawline

There are about 600 muscles in the human body, and we use them every day, regardless of whether we’re hitting the gym or taking consecutive naps. And while that may not be news, what may shock you is that some of the most important muscles in our bodies can’t be worked out with weights or a treadmill.

The muscles in your jaw and chin are critical to daily functioning and long-term health. A healthy, toned jawline isn’t just attractive, it’s also necessary in maintaining proper physical performance and good facial structure.

What is a jawline?

It’s all in the name, the jawline is simply the external line of your jaw. In medical terms, your jaw bone is known as the mandible, the U-shaped bone that forms the lower part of your skull. It’s a symmetrical bone that starts at your chin and extends upwards towards each ear.

Your mandible conjoins with your maxilla, or upper jaw, to build the mouth structure. Your teeth are set into these bones, and the mandible's movement, opening and closing your mouth, is how you chew food.

Esthetically speaking, your jawline is what gives your head, and particularly your profile, facial definition. In ancient Greek times, a chiseled jawline was viewed as the height of physical beauty, with greek gods and goddesses most often depicted as having strong jawlines.

In some modern cultures today, a defined jawline is still considered desirable. It generally indicates low body fat, which can sometimes translate to good health. It can also be indicative of good oral health and strong teeth.

The muscles of the jaw and chin

Regular exercise doesn’t normally focus on your neck, chin and jaw, and that’s because training already targets those areas indirectly. But even with a good regimen, you’re still not directing enough energy to areas such as the jawline to make a huge difference. Not to mention, weight training isn’t accessible to everyone, which begs the question: is there an easier way?

Well, you might consider targeting the masseter muscle, which surrounds your jawbone. Based on weight, it's the strongest muscle in your body. When your jaw muscles are working together, your teeth can close with a force as strong as 55lbs on your incisors, or 200lbs on your molars. With this sort of power, it's no wonder a strong jawline is considered a sign of good teeth and health.

Transform your jawline in 30 days

You can transform your jawline at home, on your own schedule, and with only five minutes a day with Jawzrsize. It’s a groundbreaking technique for strengthening and toning the muscles in your jaw and chin. Jawzrsize is ‘Fitness For Your Face’-a patented device that works the full range of motion of your bite, creating a more contoured and sculpted appearance in just 30 days.

How does Jawzrsize work?

Jawzrsize is a plastic ball that’s smaller than a golf ball and bigger than a marble, that you pop into your mouth and chew like gum for a few minutes a day. Unlike gum, Jawzrsize provides between 20 and 50lbs of resistance when you work those muscles, contributing to a slimmer and more toned jawline as well as a tightened up chin. Unlike aerobic exercises that can strain your neck and enlarge the platysma muscles, Jawzrsize concentrates on your masseter muscle around the mandible and the suprahyoid muscle under your chin.

Jawzrsize vs botox vs fillers

One common way people add definition to their face is through botox. Botox, or botulinum toxin, works by blocking nerve impulses, so the masseter muscles in your jaw relax, resulting in a smooth, toned appearance. Jaw botox can be used for a number of reasons, including reducing jaw tension, managing teeth grinding and of course, sculpting a chiseled jawline. The downsides are that botox can be costly and difficult to maintain, but also that your jaw muscle may be at risk of atrophy over time. This will have the opposite effect you’re looking to achieve, and your jaw and chin may appear saggy.  

Another way to enhance your jawline is through fillers. Some are made from organic materials like hyaluronic acid, but most are chemicals, like polylactic acid. Fillers are also quite expensive and require regular maintenance, which may not be a good option for the average person.

Jawzrsize, however, is not only less expensive than botox and filler, but it's also better for you. When you're using your Jawzrsize every day you're building up muscles as well as working towards a slimmer and more contoured jawline. You're also strengthening the masseter muscle, which provides a strong foundation for your mandible, and in turn better oral health. Research shows that a healthy mouth and teeth are more likely to coincide with a healthy body, so by simply using Jawzrsize, you could also be doing wonders for your overall health and well-being.

Start your Jawzrsize journey today

Why not give Jawzrsize a try before you spend your savings on plastic surgery, botox or fillers? For a fraction of the cost of one injection, you can transform the appearance and strength of your lower jaw and chin. While you fold laundry, walk the dog or cook dinner, you can exercise your masseter and suprahydroid muscles, with no downtime for recovery necessary.

Many people that try Jawzrsize see some results in 30 days but keep using it to maintain that lean and toned look. If you order the wrong size for your mouth, Jawzrsize will even replace it with a better-fitting device. What do you have to lose, besides an undefined jawline or double chin? Browse the complete Jawzrsize range today.