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Immunity Probiotic Supplement with Vitamin C
Immunity Probiotic Supplement by BIOHM Health $36.99 $47.99
Fulfilled by our friends at BIOHM Health Probiotics + Vitamin C = Optimal Immunity Probiotic Supplement Support A specially engineered formulation combining the power of BIOHM Probiotics with immunity boosting Vitamin C, supporting optimal immunity performance. the details Combines Probiotics with Vitamin C for dual-action immunity support Combines good bacteria and good fungi Addresses total gut balance and gut health Breaks down digestive plaque Survives stomach acid 30 capsules, for a one month supply Take one capsule, per day, with or without food No refrigeration required No artificial ingredients or sweeteners WHY BIOHM VS. OTHER PROBIOTICS? Other probiotics have not been designed to address the role of both bacteria AND fungi. Instead they concentrate just on bacteria — offering a partial solution to total gut balance. By only concentrating on bacteria, fungi is allowed to flourish unchecked, leading to digestive imbalance. BIOHM was designed to address the gut's total balance of bacteria and fungi, allowing you to maintain your gut's total balance. ingredients 150mg of Vitamin C in each capsule Good Bacteria (B. breve, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus) Good Fungi (S. boulardii) Enzyme (Amylase) The Only Immunity Probiotic Supplement Proven To Break Down Digestive Plaque after before Scroll to see Before and After Digestive Plaque without BIOHM Digestive Plaque Destroyed by BIOHM The Only Immunity Probiotic Supplement Proven To Break Down Digestive Plaque Just like plaque builds up on teeth, plaque also builds up in your digestive system. Digestive plaque shields bad bacteria and bad fungi that upset the balance of your gut. BIOHM neutralizes bad bacteria and bad fungi inside, while rebalancing the digestive system - supporting optimal digestive health. learn more These probiotics are amazing! I recommend these 100% and I will buy again! R. Ramirez I have tried this product, and it's absolutely fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone. Put yours down and try BIOHM. You will not believe the results! Leona P.