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Our Story



Over a decade ago I started my career as a cage fighter and mixed martial artist. Weeks prior to every fight, I would take a thick piece of nylon and chew on it like crazy to help build the strength of my bite. It helped increase strength in my jaw, giving me a better bite, making it easier to use my regular mouth piece. I also noticed that my face got stronger and I could take a punch even better. I loved the primal strength I felt from building the basic motion of chewing, by training one of the most forgotten jaw muscles called masseter.

A couple years ago, I suffered a series of horrible accidents. One of which was a motorcycle crash on Highway 1 in Oahu, Hawaii. The accident landed me in a coma for 13 days. On top of that, I was suffering from a broken jaw, which was wired shut for four months.

Brandon Harris Jawzrsize jawline


 Since I had some brain damage and also damaged two major muscles in my jaw, I had lost nearly all of my primal drive in every way you can imagine. Said to be the the strongest muscle in the human body, pound for pound, the masseter muscle in my jaw was completely atrophied. My confidence was completely gone, as was my short-term memory. So I set out with determination down the road back to recovery.

Brandon Harris Jawzrsize jaw exercise



You can see from the above photograph the impact of the accident. (Left photo) 

Two years after recovery, not yet using Jawzrsize. (Middle photo) 

After using Jawzrsize for 2 months, 20 minutes daily - my face slimmed down. My jaw was finally in proper alignment. I noticed increase in metabolism, by cutting down my body fat dramatically. I didn't change much in weight, but you can see a significant change and body fat percentage.  (Right photo)

I developed Jawzrsize and used it during my recovery. It helped strengthen my jaw & face muscles. My appetite and metabolism increased, as I dedicated myself to continuously chew and train my bite. From the motorcycle accident, my face was swollen. 

Today, I feel at my best. My jawline is well defined and it truly realigned my bite. Now my face looks even better than before the crash.Brandon Harris Jawzrsize jaw exercise recovery