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Please be patient as we are working on the design of this page, but exercise instructions for your 4 pack is below.


Start with level one, the first unit from the left.

Perform 6-12 Sets of 15-30 Reps every other day 


Stay on level one.

Add or subtract number of sets according to personal preference

WEEK 3-7

Now we scale upwards. Go to level 2, the second unit from the left.

Add various sets with level 2 according to personal preference. Most people replicate week 1 reps with unit 2. Do this for at least 30 days.

WEEK 7-11

Do not use the level 3 for more than once per week 10 sets at a time. Do for 30 days and move to level 4.

Continue usage for 30 days but do not use more than once per week, 10 sets at a time. 

By now you can rotate between level 1 or 2 to get high reps, and unit 3 and 4 for harder and slow reps.