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Dr. Gary Ryan used Jawzrsize for 3 months, 20 minutes a day. He has seen an increase in his metabolism, firming and tightening of his facial features, and increased agility at the gym. As an avid swimmer, he noticed that his pace is faster.
Hart noticed a complete change in his facial features after using Jawzrsize for 1.5 months for 20 minutes a day. His face filled in giving him a more muscular facial feature.




Due to extensive jaw injuries, Brandon's jaw was not symmetrical. Brandon used the Jawzrsize for 6 months, 1 hour a day. Jawzrsize helped tone and re-strengthen his jaw tremendously. You can see from the above photograph the impact of the accident. (Left photo) Two years after recovery, not yet using Jawzrsize. (Middle photo) After using Jawzrsize for 20 minutes daily, his face slimmed down. Brandon's jaw was finally in proper alignment. He noticed increase in metabolism, by cutting down my body fat dramatically. Although, he didn't change much in weight, you can see a significant reduction of body fat percentage. (Right photo)
Valerie used Jawzrsize for 10 weeks for 20 minutes a day. She noticed a significant toning and firming of her face and decrease of her wrinkles.



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