overjet vs overbite
Overjet vs Overbite: What Are The Differences?

Tooth malocclusions such as overjet and overbite are common dental conditions that are often confused. Since understanding your smile is important for more than just the way you look, we’ll take a closer look at these alignment issues, and the diffe...

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jowls sagging neck skin
How to Get Rid of Jowls Through Simple Facial Exercises

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner, which unfortunately, leads to saggy skin. Read more

masseter jaw muscle
What Is the Masseter Muscle?

Do you even know what the masseter muscle is? You’re not alone if you have no idea what this is, nor heard of it. What’s interesting is it’s a muscle you don’t even realize you use daily! Given all the work it does, it can be stressed and overworked, which can then ca...

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weak chin
What Does It Mean to Have a Weak Chin?

There’s no doubt that a strong jawline helps improve a person’s attractiveness. There may be insecurities that one’s face has too much of a rounded look for people who have a weak chin.

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neck pain exercises
4 Simple Neck Strengthening Exercises

You use your neck virtually all day, every day of your life. So, keeping the muscles in your neck and upper back strong is a priority. When those muscles become weakened, your head can begin to tilt forward and add additional stress to your cerv...

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facial exercises for women
Facial Exercises for Women: Do They Work?

While anyone can work out and tone their body in the gym, can the same be done for the face? Can women slim down their face shape or get that chiseled jawline with some facial exercises? There are Read more

relax jaw tightness
How Do I Relax My Jaw Muscles?

Jaw tightness can result from several factors, including injury, stress, inflammation and anxiety, among other things. The condition can occur gradually or suddenly on one side of the jaw, or both 

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chewing gum jawline
Does Chewing Gum Give You A Jawline?

Chewing is an active process that involves the masticatory muscles of the temporalis, medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid and masseter. Of these facial muscles, the masseter connects your lower jaw to the cheekbones and the mandible.

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Top 10 Celebrity Jawlines
Top 10 Celebrity Jawlines

Today, we will be going over the Top 10 Celebrity Jawlines. Featuring celebrities ranging from actors & actresses, to singers and athletes, a nice and defined jawline is one of the top wonders of the world. Read more

high low cheekbones
Difference Between High and Low Cheekbones

Across the world, many cultures view cheekbones as a symbol of beauty. Depending on your genetics, they might be found higher or lower on your face. Studies show that we judge strangers by their faces. We may perceive someone as youthful, approachab...

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